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Who doesn’t love free stock photos!

Whether you are a blogger, freelancer or social media marketer, there is no way that you won’t at some point need photos.

Of course, the list isn’t limited to these professions. Almost all computer-related jobs call for stock photos.

So where can you find them?

On the internet of course!

Here are 5 awesome websites where you can find free stock photos!

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is my #1 place for finding free stock photos. They have almost a million stock photos in almost every category you can think of. The only downside of using Unsplash for free stock photos is that they are “too” popular in the sense that everyone is using it. This implies that a lot of the photos there have been used already, and you may come across some familiar ones on the internet every now and then.

2. Stock Gallery

I absolutely love the stock gallery! It’s one of my favorite sources of stock photos majorly because a lot of the stock photos there have a feminine touch that can be used in digital designs like Pinterest Graphics and Instagram Stories. You H-A-V-E to try them out now!

3. Pexels

This is another amazing place where you can get free stock photos. I use it mainly for my graphic design projects since a lot of the pictures there are not as popular as those on Unsplash. You’ll have literally hundreds of thousands of high-quality photos to choose from. And one of the best things about Pexels is that you can adjust the resolution of photos before downloading which has always been really helpful for me.

4. The Stock Boutique

This is amazing for pin images! If you’re a Pinterest marketer like me, then you MUST try this out. The Stock Boutique features loads of free stock photos that are amazing for social media projects!

5. Ivory Mix

Kayla, the owner of Ivory Mix, is an awesome blogger, photographer & social media marketer. She can give you over 550 FREE stock photos tailored just for social media when you sign up to her list.

6. Make Your Blog Beautiful

Cynthia has over 20 free stock photos that you can use to beautify your blog as the name implies :D. All of her photos are clean and professional. You can use them for branding purposes.

7. Burst

I literally found this one today and I’m lovin’ it! Although their collection isn’t half as wide as Pexels or Unsplash, they still have amazing pictures! It is powered by Shopify.

I just started using their photos for my ongoing web design project! I think their stock photos work best as headers and featured images for websites.

8. Girl Boss Stock

To say I love these photos is an absolute understatement. If you sign up to to the list, you’ll get 10 stock photos delivered to your email and a few every month.

9. Reshot

Reshot is a massive library of amazing, handpicked stock photos that aren’t so common on the internet. I think it’s plain awesome for freelancers and graphic designers, maybe even bloggers.

10. Stock Snap

This platform literally adds hundreds of photos on a DAILY basis. It’s a gigantic collection of professional to artistic photos and everything in between.


That’s a wrap. I hope you found something you liked within this list of stock photo sites! Do you know any other place to get free stock photos? I’d like to hear from you in the comments

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