You see it everywhere on the internet. Everybody’s always talking about how they make money online.

You want it for yourself…

But you don’t know if it will work, and that’s how many people feel about working from home.

That’s exactly how I felt until I got my feet wet. Now I’m able to tell you that it is actually very possible to make a living from home.

But out of the hundreds of making money online ideas on the internet, only 3 have worked really well for me.

I know that many people on the internet have been able to make money with many more ways, but if you’re just an internet newbie who is just looking for a risk-free way to make money online, then I’m here to give you hope!

These are the 4 ways that I have been able to make money online.


Blogging is 100% my favorite way to make money online! I’ve been blogging for only a month on two blogs and in my very first month, I made almost $100. Isn’t that Awesome :D.

It’s really easy to get started blogging too! I have a step-by-step guide that can help you get started in only 20 minutes!

I think the hardest part of blogging is setting up your host, so you’re going to have to register under a user-friendly hosting company.

I personally recommend Bluehost for hosting because of how user-friendly they are. And if you’re a beginner, you’d definitely love their customer support.

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This is a very popular one that you’ve probably heard of or come across. I have made over $500 freelancing over the course of two months.

Although I’m no longer a full-time freelancer, I still love occasionally working on freelance work.

All you basically do is that you tell people (in this case, potential clients) that you can do something awesome for them, like build a website or create beautiful designs and if they need or like your work, they’ll pay you to work for them.

You can get started at a place like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr. They all have a massive number of jobs posted per year. For example, has had over 10.6 million jobs posted as of 2016.

But I didn’t get my first freelancing clients from any of these freelancing sites.

I got my first client from my own site and other clients from forums. That’s one of the reasons why I love freelancing as a way to make money online.

Most people have to wait a month for their first client. But I got mine in a week :).

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Affiliate Marketing

This technically goes under blogging, but it can be treated separately as well.

All you basically do is that you register under a company (i.e. become an affiliate for the company) and then mention them in an article, image, on social media or more. Whenever you refer the product, you’ll put a special link called an affiliate link that leads back to the company’s website.

If someone on the internet clicks your link and buys something or completes an action at the company site, you’ll get a commission (i.e. a sum, typically a set percentage of the value involved, paid to an agent in a commercial transaction) or a fixed amount of money because they purchased an item through you.

Wow… that was a mouthful :).

Over 80% of the companies online run an affiliate program! Isn’t that awesome! Just check out the affiliate stats of 2018.

Affiliate Stats of 2019. Courtesy 3.14 digital

I’m currently an affiliate for a few companies such as Amazon and Bluehost, and I occasionally promote ebooks and themes.

I have made about $65 in one month as an affiliate marketer without any prior experience, so it’s not absolutely hopeless for a newbie.

I think the best way to promote affiliate products is with a blog. You can write articles about these products and promote them on social media. If someone buys a referred product, then congratulations; you’ve found a way to make money online.

You can find out how to start a blog in this post.

eBook Publishing

I’m no expert in this field. But I have made a decent amount of money online from this technique. By decent amount, I mean about $40 in a week.

What I basically did is that I would write a great ebook about something I was really good at, for example, web design or graphic design, then I would advertise it on a forum.

If someone was interested in my book, they would buy it and then voila! I just made money online.

This is one of my favorite ways to make money online and if you work hard enough, it could become a full-time business.

So How Else Can You Make Money Online

There are tons of other ways to make money online. These are just the few that have worked for me.

Have you made money online using any of these methods? Or do you have any other ways that you have made money online? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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