Yes, you read that title right. FIVE of my blogs failed, with 80% of them bringing absolutely no money.

Those numbers would have been extremely depressing if I didn’t learn from my mistakes.

I actually started blogging many years ago, but I wouldn’t count that as a blog since I didn’t really take it seriously.

But 5 of these failed blogs were started this year. Yes… in 2019, over the course of 4 months.

So what caused each one of them to fail in their own unique way? Let me tell you everything that went wrong in these 4 months.

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#1 Bad Planning

My first blog was a tech blog, where I reviewed gadgets and gave advice to developers. At a point, I brought over 500 daily visitors to the blog from #2 in this list.

But what did I do with this traffic? Where there ads? Nope! Mailing List? Nope. Affiliate Products? Nope. I didn’t think about monetization and great content from the very beginning which was a terrible thing to do.

I didn’t think of my niche from the early stages of my blog. That is one of the 7 deadly sins of blogging.

Even worse, I only had 1 post when I launched the blog!

To make a successful blog, you’ll have to do one important thing… Think ahead!

#2 No Goals

When I started ALL of these blogs, I didn’t have one thing… GOALS!

Goals are an important factor in any business. They’ll help you stay focused on your work and boost your productivity.

Having goals will give you a clear picture of what you want to achieve when you want to achieve it!

#3 Not Starting an eMail List

I only started this on my fifth blog… Oof!

If you’re starting a blog, you’ll need an email list for many reasons! Not only does it offer direct communication with your audience, but it also gives you high quality, targeted traffic to interested people and potential buyers.

And just putting an opt-in form on your blog with the heading “Subscribe to My List” isn’t enough. You’re going to need to use lead magnets people!

#4 No Clear Monetisation Strategy

This is almost the same thing as Bad Planning. But I still believe that I need to single this out.

If you’re starting a blog to make money, then you’ll need to know how you’re going to get this money from day one.

Not doing this is like starting a business without knowing how to make money from the business; sounds dumber now, doesn’t it?

Are you going to use ads, affiliate marketing, selling digital products or freelancing?

You’re going to have to pick one or more of these from day one.

My favorite way of monetizing my blog is with affiliate marketing. If you’d like to learn a lot about it, you can check out this eBook that teaches just that!

#5 Not Investing

In life, you’re going to have to give to receive. That’s just how it works. If you have no money to spare before building a blog, then don’t.

I learned this the hard way. The first two of my blogs used Blogger, a free platform. I only had money to spare for the domain! I even used free hosting at some point.

Just… don’t. It won’t work out.

There are a lot of things you have to pay for before you start a successful blog like good hosting (not one that you’d pay $0.1 for), a great theme, a good email marketing service and more.

You may even have to buy courses.

If you don’t have at least $100 – $300 to spare in total, then blogging is probably not for you.

You’ll also need to learn how to boost your traffic and make more sales. If you are looking for a course or ebook to invest in, Ana at The She Approach has an amazing one that will help you boost your blog traffic. It’s one of the courses that helped me get my blog on the road.

Bonus Tip! Organize Yourself.

Be organized. That’s one thing I failed woefully at. I remember how I kept switching from one free hosting to another during my time as a newbie blogger… not cool.

One of the best things that have helped me to do this was having a checklist. You need one of these if you want to start a successful blog. A checklist will get you crazy prepared for your blog launch.

Another Tip! Don’t start promoting before your blog is ready and is underdeveloped. Don’t promote what only has little value (I’m talking about your blog)! You don’t want to look unprofessional when you’re just starting your blogging journey.

So What Now?

Don’t make these 5 mistakes as a new blogger! You will definitely fail (Unless you’re extremely lucky). The best advice I can give you is to plan ahead. That is the key to success.

Have any more tips about how to prevent your blog from failing? I’d love to hear you in the comments below!

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