So you’ve bought your domain and gotten your WordPress hosting. Now what? You’ve gotta pick a theme of course!

If you are a lifestyle blogger, a fashion blogger, or maybe just a hobbyist, you will most likely want a feminine WordPress theme that will speak your mind and help you gain potential clients.

Lucky for you, I have found 7 of the best feminine WordPress themes on the internet for you to choose from.

If you haven’t started a blog yet but you would like to, feel free to read my ultimate guide!

Best Feminine WordPress Themes


Victoria is one of my all-time favorite feminine themes. Not only is it awesome for email marketing and blogging, but it is also amazing if you want to run a feminine styled site!

I’ve tried and used Victoria in the past, and I can say for a fact that it is an awesome theme.

My favorite feature is the number of customization options you get with this theme. You have full control over everything in the site which is pretty nifty if you ask me.


Isabelle is a feminine WordPress theme made strictly for bloggers and femtrepreneurs. Just like Victoria, the customization options are almost endless!

Although I don’t love this theme as much as Victoria, it is still an amazing theme. It also comes with 3 promo boxes that can help you market your business.


Maggie is another awesome feminine WordPress theme that I feel is best for feminine styled photography (like

The theme is almost completely business-oriented, and if you feel like turning your blog into a full-time business, then Maggie is probably the way to go!


In case you haven’t noticed, Chic Serve is my #1 favorite among all the feminine themes that I have listed.

I love it mainly because of how bold and vibrant it is, despite its minimalistic features.

Chic Serve is a toddler among the various feminine WordPress themes that I have listed here which is a good thing because it is more up to date than a lot of the themes listed here.


I know that Divi isn’t exactly a feminine theme straight out of the box, but it does deserve an honorable mention because of how versatile it is.

Divi is one of the bestselling themes in the whole world. And take it from a person who has used Divi before, you won’t regret it.

Divi is without a doubt, the most customizable theme in the world. It has a powerful visual editor that will help you build your website as if you were building a masterpiece.

Another Honorable Mention

A few of the themes listed in this article are by Bluchic. They produce the best feminine themes for WordPress, so if you want to take your blog to another level, then you should try one of their themes out!

I hope you found something you liked in this brief post. If this list of the best feminine WordPress themes helped you, then feel free to leave a comment in appreciation, I would love to hear from you!

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