You need creative ways to grow your email list as fast as possible for a couple of reasons.

First up, growing your email list is hands down, one of the most important aspects of growing your blog.

That’s exactly why hundreds of bloggers are constantly telling you to build your email list from “day 1“.

Secondly, this is 2019, and not every list building strategy works as well as it used to.

Popups, content upgrades, and even lead magnets are becoming older by the day.

So you’ll need to stand out from the crowd with a more unique way to grow your email list.

Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Traditional Methods to Grow Your Email List

I’m not saying content upgrades, lead magnets, popups or sidebars are bad ways of growing your email list. I still implement these methods on my blog!

They still work really well, and most of them have more than decent conversion rates.

But you’re not the only blogger using these methods. A huge chunk of the 440 million blogs on the internet has been implementing the same techniques for years.

That’s why your readers may brush over a content upgrade, or close a popup as soon as they see it, even though you’re offering a spectacular lead magnet.

So you’ll need to grow your email list with a way that grabs your readers attention.


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Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List

#1. Quizzes

Quizzes are one of the best list building methods on the planet!

Not only do they have extremely high conversion rates, but readers who opt-in using your quizzes tend to be better quality subscribers, meaning that they are more likely to buy a product from you in the future.

Ramit Sethi from IWT uses a quiz as his major way of growing his email list.

Ramit Sethi From I Will Teach You to Be Rich giving an awesome quiz. You can use this method as a creative way to grow your email ist

His quiz fits perfectly with his niche and it’s really fun too!

You can build an awesome quiz using a plugin like Thrive Quiz Builder or LeadQuizzes.

#2 Spin The Wheel

This is one of the best, gamified ways to grow your email list.

I’ve personally used this on my site, and it had around a 25% conversion rate which is awesome!

What you do is you create around 2-6 high-quality freebies, and you use a plugin like WP Opt-in Wheel to build your wheel.

Neil Patel (who is kind of a big deal :P) uses a spin the wheel plugin to collect emails.

Neil Patel's Spin to Win way of growing his email list.

It’s a really fun and unique way to grow your email list.

#3 Complete Content Locking

No… I’m not talking about allowing readers to read half of your content and blocking off the rest.

I’m talking about locking a really great piece of content as a whole!

The catch to this method is that you’re not allowed to promote it on social media or make it available for search engines (if you want to get higher quality subscribers).

What basically happens is that people who are looking for your blog posts find content with an awesome headline that can only be accessed if you insert your email; like this one from Backlinko.

Brian Dean's Complete Content Locking

It’s a great way to grow your email list because it makes people who are more engaged readers on your site wonder what they could be missing out on.


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#4 Giveaways

Giveaways are an awesome way to grow your email list because people (myself included) love free stuff!

I’ve heard, and read stories of people leveraging the power of giveaways to get a massive amount of subscribers in a short time.

Brian at Vero used a giveaway to significantly grow his email list in an extremely short period of time! I’m talking about 2,239 people in only a week!

how to use giveaways to grow your email list fast

#5 Limited Time Offers

If you don’t use limited-time offers to grow your email list, then you may be missing out on something amazing!

It’s funny how creating a sense of urgency can instantly boost your conversion rates.

Look at this example from Macy’s

This is a stunning example of a limited time offer.

how to use limited time offer to build your email list as quickly as possible

If you hand over your email address, you can get a product (or a lead magnet) for an extremely low price before the time is up!

Not only is this a creative way to grow your email list, but it is a great way to drive more sales and boost your conversions hundredfold!

You can use a plugin like HurryTimer to create timers.

#6 Answering Questions on Forums

Although this is slower than most methods, it can help you grow your email list with a tiny audience.

Here’s how it works.

Search for a question that was asked recently on Quora, Yahoo Answers, or any other forum.

Once you find one, make an in-depth answer to the question, and include a recommended link to your article which you believe will help them. Just look at this example of an app development question:

how to use forums as a creative way to grow your email list extremely fast
Written by me!

Make sure you have a strong call to action on the article and a really good lead magnet which is relevant to the question you asked in the first place.

The person who asked that question and people who read it will most likely sign up to your email list.

You may wonder why this is an extremely effective way to grow your email list.

Well, it’s because the people who ask questions like those are searching for a direct solution to their problems.

So if you can help them solve that problem with a killer opt-in incentive, then they’ll most likely sign up to your list.

When using this method, I had a whopping 85% conversion rate, which is much more than most traffic can get you.

#7 Using your Home Page to Grow Your Email List

If you have a blog, and your home page only displays your latest articles, then you could be missing an extremely valuable way to build your email list.

On my home page, the first thing you’ll be greeted with is one of my featured lead magnets…

how to use your home page as a creative way to grow your email list
From my home page

People who don’t bounce and eventually find your lead magnet are more likely to sign up to your list than people who are just passing by.

That’s why you should take full advantage of your home page and use it as another creative way to grow your email list.

#8 Using the Header of Your Blog Posts

A lot of people are afraid of using this tactic because it takes up some of the most valuable real estate of your blog… the header.

But it works. If you add an awesome incentive to the top of every page of your blog, then you could double your conversion rates.

Melyssa Griffin has an awesome opt-in form at the top of literally every page of her blog, and she says that her conversion rate literally doubled overnight!

I also do the same on my blog! You were probably greeted by one on the way down here 🙂

#9 Webinars, Workshops & Masterclasses

I’ve heard that webinars, workshops, and masterclasses give you some of the highest quality subscribers in your email list.

They help you build relationships with your subscribers as soon as they signup, so you should try to take full advantage of them to grow your email list.

Arfa from She Means Blogging (who is an awesome blogger BTW) has a banner that advertises her masterclasses.

Other Tips to Help You Grow Your List

Here are some extra tips to help you grow your email list faster.

  • Make your opt-in incentives (lead magnets) extremely valuable.
  • When placing your CTA button, use the title “get instant access” instead of text like “get it now” or “click to get it”.
  • Opt-ins beneath blog posts are also an effective way to collect leads (or boost sales). Look at this example from Twins Mommy:
  • Create a landing page for each of your freebies and promote them on social media for a quick boost.
  • Checklists, planners, eBooks, and free courses are awesome opt-in incentives.
  • Use numbers on your opt-in incentives (For e.g.s, 100 Ways to Grow Your Blog or 30-day traffic challenge).
  • Your freebie may not be getting leads because it’s in the wrong place. Try placing a relevant freebie in between your blog content.

All these are more tips that can help you grow your email list at insane speeds!

Also, make sure you check out this awesome video by Carrie Green that talks about a few more strategies worth mentioning!

Answers to Questions That Will Help You Grow Your Email List

What is the Best Way to Grow Your Email List?

Opt-in forms placed at the head of your blog tend to do an awesome job! You can use featured boxes, banners, or even immediate popup forms to grow your email list rapidly.

Are Popups a Bad Way to Grow Your Email List?

No, they’re not. But they can damage the experience of your website’s users. Aside from that, it is a really great way to grow your email list.

What are a few creative ways to grow your email list?

Quizzes, Spin the Wheel, Content Locking, Giveaways, Limited Time Offers, Answering Questions on Forums, Using Your Home Page, Using Your Post Headers, Webinars, Workshops and Masterclasses.


And that’s a wrap! I hope you found at least one awesome way to grow your email list!

Don’t forget to share this post 😉 !

Over to You!! Are you having any trouble growing your list? And what other useful strategies have you tried?


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