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One thing I failed to do when I started blogging was setting goals.

I have always loved setting goals, but I just didn’t think that I would need that when it came to blogging.

Boy was I wrong! Goals help you stay laser-focused, and can help you grow more than 3x faster.

But setting goals is one thing, and accomplishing them is another. It may be easy to say that you want to gain 1,000 email subscribers in your first-month blogging, but whether you’ll be able to accomplish that is an entirely different thing.

If you want to accomplish your goals, you’ll have to be more productive.

In case you’re wondering, being more productive means doing more work in less time!

So in this post, I’ll show you how you can do both these things, how you can accomplish your goals as a blogger, and be twice as productive!

How to Accomplish Your Goals As a Blogger

Like I said earlier, creating goals is one thing and accomplishing them is another. So how can you create and accomplish goals as a blogger? Here are 3 tips:

#1 Be Reasonable

So you just started blogging, and you want to grow your email list to 10,000 subscribers in your first month?

I’m going to be straight with you… Unless a miracle happens, or you suddenly go viral out of nowhere, that’s not going to happen.

When you set goals, don’t just assume that everything’s going to be A-OK! You have to take your ability, the cost and most importantly your time limit into consideration.

For starting an email list, a realistic goal for your first month would be somewhere around 100 subscribers. But if you want to set a goal that is still feasible but a little harder to accomplish, aim for 300-400.

#2 Have an Action Plan

It’s super easy to say that you’re going to get 15,000 pageviews blogging, but how do you plan on getting that?

No goal you set is complete without having a game plan in place. I believe that setting goals are only a third of the work. Knowing how you’re going to accomplish them makes up the rest.

No goal is complete without a plan

Me 😛

#3 Read and Invest

When you don’t know what you are doing when you start your blog, and you don’t know how you are going to accomplish your goals, seek advice from the elder ones :).

No newbie is a pro. So unless you’ve been granted magical powers, there is no way that you’ll achieve the success of people who’ve been blogging for years in an instant.

When I want to try something new and I don’t know what I’m doing, I look to the Elder Bloggers for help!

My favorite bloggers who can really teach you a lot are Twins Mommy and Stray Curls. Their blogs are filled to the brim with really helpful blogging tips.

Additionally, you should try to invest in courses that can help you grow your blog. If you are looking for a way to boost your blog traffic, then there are 2 courses which I recommend that I have tried myself.

The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible

Both of them are by Ana at the She Approach who has been blogging for a really long time so you should check them out.

First is the She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible. This is my #1 recommendation for bloggers who want to see quick traffic from Pinterest (which is one of the top 10 sources of traffic worldwide).

The next best thing is the She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic which I recommend if you want to grow your traffic long term.

I also have an awesome FREE” eBook which will help you learn how to use Reddit as a traffic source. It’ll show you how I went from 0 to 200+ page views with Reddit in a single day!

You can get it here:

How to Boost Your Productivity As a Blogger

So on to step two! After you’ve set awesome goals and you know how you’re going to accomplish them, then you’re going to need to work even harder to accomplish them.

You’re going to want to do as much as you can in as little time as possible! In other words, you’re going to need to boost your productivity!

Here are 5 of my favorite ways to do this!

#1 Todo Lists And Timers

Normally, I would separate the two of these things. But of recent times, I’ve come to understand that they work hand in hand with each other.

First of all, make a list of the things you want to do in the day. I like to include everything from writing a blog post to creating a new lead magnet and even promoting my blog posts.

Then give each option a certain amount of time of completion and stick to it!

I’m techy, so I prefer to use apps to do the heavy lifting for me! My favorite app which combines the two of these features in Focus Todo, an app which uses the Pomodoro technique to help you get more work done!

#2 Create an Amazing Workspace

The place where you work will influence how well and how much you work in a given span of time.

I personally can’t work in a noisy place. It literally drives me crazy! And I love working in a cold environment while sipping a wonderful cup of coffee.

What do you think is the ideal working environment? Would you enjoy working outdoors while enjoying a cold drink, or would you prefer to work at night in your room in the dark?

It’s all based on your preference.

I’ve also heard that listening to music can help you get much more work done.

For the most part, research suggests that listening to music can improve your efficiency, creativity and happiness in terms of work-related tasks. 

Chad Grills, Medium

Angela at Stray Curls has an amazing workspace which I totally adore! I think it is a prime example of what your ideal workspace should look like!

Keep your desk tidy and clutter-free. This will mentally stimulate you and increase your productivity.
A lot of pink tho…

It’s what she likes, and I think that you should dabble around until you find what is your perfect fit!

#3 Automation And Planning

Automation is an amazing way to save time as a blogger. It’s like having a virtual assistant managing your work for you while you do whatever you want!

In this case, your virtual assistant is your computer.

There are a ton of things that you can automate! For example, you can automate the publishing of your blog posts, your social media posts, and even your mailing list.

I automate many things

  • My Pinterest Pins
  • Facebook Posts
  • My Blog Posts
  • My email campaigns
  • And even the placing of my signup forms (using A/B testing)

Not only does this save time, but it lets you have peace of mind knowing that your computer is doing all the heavy lifting for you!

And that’s a Wrap

There you have it!

That’s 6 banging goal setting and productivity techniques that will help you get more work done in less time as a blogger.

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So what are your blog goals, and how do you plan to accomplish them this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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