Knowledge is power!

If you’re a new blogger who is just beginning their blogging journey then you’ll definitely need to learn from pro bloggers!

That’s why the pros have written eBooks for bloggers, which have helped new and experienced bloggers to tush up their blogging skills.

So if you’re looking for an eBook to invest in, then you’re in luck!

I’ll show you some of my favorite ebooks for bloggers, written by some of the best bloggers.

#1 The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic

Blog traffic is one of the most important aspects of any successful blog. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times… Loads of traffic = loads of income (when you harness the traffic properly).

This is my all-time favorite blog traffic eBook. I’ve mentioned how I’ve been implementing the strategies in this ebook on a blog that my friend and I run, and so far, we’ve been able to get 15,000 pageviews in our second month!

It’s perfect for you if you are a new blogger who doesn’t know where to start. She’ll show you everything from creating valuable content that converts to optimizing your blog for SEO.

#2 The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic

I first heard about this ebook, when I signed up for Angela’s email list. Since it was so cheap, I decided to go ahead and buy it! And I don’t regret it at all!

Angela (from Stray Curls) has been one of the bloggers that showed me the ropes from the beginning of my blogging journey, and when I found out that she had launched an ebook for bloggers, I didn’t hesitate to get it at all!

Using the strategies in this eBook, Angela and other bloggers have been able to get over 100,000 page views per month!

#3 Explosive Traffic With Tribes

ebooks for bloggers explosive traffic with tribes

This is an ebook for bloggers by the Chic Pursuit. I personally haven’t tried this one, but I believe that it is worth a shot!

She promises you that you will get 90,000 page views per month with Tailwind Tribes in at least 30 days if you use the strategies mentioned in the eBook properly.

I’m a proud subscriber to her eMail list, and I can say for a fact that I trust her. I’ll be trying out the strategies outlined in this book soon so stay tuned!

She’ll also give you $50 worth of bonuses including power words for your blog posts and a guide that will help you steal your competitors best ideas!

#4 Get Paid to Pin

Get Paid to Pin ebooks for bloggers

This is an eBook by Dale from Blogging Her Way who makes $500 per month directly from Pinterest. This is an ebook for bloggers who are looking for a way to make more money through affiliate marketing from Pinterest!

She’ll show you the strategies that she uses to make more than $500 per month through Pinterest affiliate marketing.

And it gets better! You don’t need a blog for her strategy. You can use her techniques even if you’re not ready to start a blog yet.

#5 The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible

Learn how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog or website. Grab this Pinterest ebook today! ebooks for bloggers

This is my all-time favorite Pinterest eBook. She covers literally the A-Z’s of blogging. Whether you’ve been using Pinterest for a long time or you haven’t heard about it before, this eBook is perfect for you.

Take it from me, you NEED this eBook! If you’ve been waiting around for explosive results from Pinterest, but you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, then look no further.

I think the most valuable part of her eBook is her strategy. I can’t tell you exactly what it is because that would be cheating… wouldn’t it? All you need to know is that it is amazing!

#6 Affiliate Marketing Bundle

This technically isn’t one of the eBooks for bloggers, but it is still worth mentioning since her bundle is so awesome!

It also includes one of her ebooks for bloggers that is perfect for you if you’re a new blogger who doesn’t know how they can make money affiliate marketing or if you are an experienced blogger who wants to learn more information about affiliate marketing.

It also contains an affiliate program master list which contains 500+ affiliate programs for any blogger in any niche as well as affiliate marketing case studies, a private facebook group as well as her eBook, the She approach to making your first affiliate sale.

#7 Amazon Affiliate Influence

Amazon Affiliate Affluence Mockup

This is among the lesser-known ebooks for bloggers which is so underrated. It is perfect for you if you’re a mom, fashion or lifestyle blogger (or any other kind of blogger that can sell physical products).

It is so awesome, that Janet from my twenty cents (she’s one of my favorite bloggers) wrote a review about the book. Don’t take my words for it, take hers…

“Amazon Affiliate Affluence is an excellent ebook for anyone looking to increase their affiliate commissions on Amazon. I was an Amazon affiliate for a few months and I was sick of only earning $2-3 every month. This ebook offered many practical ways to increase my earnings and now I know why my blog posts weren’t converting. I am so grateful for Dale’s ebook and I can’t wait to implement all of the changes laid out here!”


I think the review speaks for itself ;).

Bonus! My Free eBook!

You like blog traffic right? Well then, I have a treat for you! I’ve been using an unpopular traffic-generating technique for a long time now that everybody needs to hear about!

I’ll show you how to harness the power of Reddit to get over 500 page views per day! Interested? Go here!

What’re My Favourite eBooks For Bloggers

I don’t want to call names because of how awesome these ebooks and bundles are, but you might want to know what I think about these eBooks.

So among these ebooks for bloggers, I think my all-time favorite ebooks are #1, #2 & #5. I’ve read all of these eBooks for bloggers, and I can say for a fact that you won’t be disappointed.

Do you know any other eBooks for bloggers that can build and inspire other bloggers around the world? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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