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When I first started blogging, all I could think about was how many page views are good for a blog with little content like mine.

My google search bar was filled with queries like “how many page views is good for a blog” and “how many page views is needed to make money blogging”.

And after a long time of trial and error, I finally found out how many page views I needed to make money blogging.

It turns out, the number may not be as big as you think…

But… this all depends on a large number of factors, the #1 being your monetization methods.

So I’m going to break it down for you and tell you exactly how many page views are good for a blog, based on your method of monetization.

Oh, and if you need a quick way to boost your page views, here’s one solution.

How Many Page Views are Good For a Blog?

This number basically depends on your goals.

What is your definition of good… Does it mean making $100 a month from your blog or $1,000?

Or, does it mean getting 10 new email subscribers a day?

You decide!

But for the purpose of this article, let’s take the simple goal of earning $100 per month.

Factor 1: Monetisation Method

#1 If You’re Monetising With Ads

This is a very tricky one. With many things like CPC, CTR, audience demographics, niche, and ad network to factor in, it can be quite undefined.

In case you don’t know, CPC stands for cost per click and CTR stands for click-through rate.

So let’s take a realistic example.

Let’s say you have 4 ads with an average CPC of $0.03 and CTR of 10% on a page with ads by Google Adsense

That means your revenue per thousand impressions will be somewhere around $3

That means that on one page, you’ll be making $12 per thousand page views.

So to make $100 you will need around 8,300 page views per month.

But this is a really wild figure. Monetization with ads is really unreliable and that’s why I’m not a big fan.

#2 Affiliate Marketing and Selling Products

This is my favorite way to make money blogging. And talking about how many page views are good for a blog using affiliate marketing makes me super happy. You may be wondering why?

Because the answer is any number greater than 0!

That can sound really debatable and I’m sure a lot of other bloggers may not agree with me.

But last week, I had an experiment.

I asked myself, how much money can a blog with <100 page views a week make by selling products.

So here’s what I did.

I recently launched a new blog with 10 lengthy and informative posts.

Because I wanted to make money as soon as possible, I chose a really amazing ebook to be an affiliate for.

I started using email marketing from Day 1 with the free platform Mailerlite and launched an irresistible freebie that nobody could say no to.

I also set up a simple sales funnel and tripwire for anyone who signed up to my list.

I knew I couldn’t get organic traffic from Google anytime soon, so I promoted my blog on Pinterest and Facebook.

And in 3 days, I had gained a measly 37 visits.

But, 17 of those visits signed up to my list and I made a really easy $20.

So if you want to a figure on how many page views are good for a blog, then I can willingly say anything above 0.

If I don’t take any other factors into consideration, then I needed 185 visits to earn $100 in that month (but please, don’t rely on that figure)

The key is knowing how to utilize the little traffic that you have and gain better conversion rates.

If you have an action plan and you know how you’re going to make money with your blog from day 1, then I’m sure that you can make money with even under a hundred page views in a month.

Factor 2: Traffic Source

When talking about how many page views are good for a blog, the source of the page views does matter.

I’ve learned that some traffic is better and of higher quality than others. So you really need to examine the source of traffic.

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself when talking about how many page views are good for a blog:

  • Am I using bot traffic (It’s more common than you think)
  • Are the readers in a buyer frame of mind?
  • Are the people who visit my site just passing through?
  • Is the traffic source organic?

Not only will these questions help you choose which traffic source you should be using, but they’ll also help you monetize your blog better.

If you’re using simple, organic traffic like Pinterest and Google, then the numbers that answer the question “How many page views are good for a blog?” are significantly lower.

But if you’re using short-living traffic like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, then the numbers shoot up!

So How Many Page Views are Good For a Blog?

In case you missed the whole article, I’ll give you a simple answer. Suppose the answer to the question of “how many page views are good for a blog” is represented by the symbol “x”, then:


*sorry for the lame joke

I guess the whole article can be summarised in one sentence:

It all depends on you boo

It depends on what your goals are, how you choose to make money from your blog and where you get your page views from.

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