When I first heard about this, I thought it was downright impossible…

After all, being paid by Pinterest, a company with over 291 million users sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?

Well, that is, until I saw this notification:

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So… after reading explosive traffic with tribes by the Chic Pursuit, I decided to become an affiliate for the ebook because it was amazing.

And after *heavily* promoting it on Pinterest, I left it and forgot about it.

Then… this morning I woke up to an email telling me I had made about $15 from that sale.

And I barely did anything!

So I’m going to show you today, the exact steps that I took to make my first money with Pinterest alone!

One Ugly Truth

I’m not gonna lie to you about making money on Pinterest so that I can convince you to buy some crappy ebook.

The truth is, it can be really hard to make any consistent income with Pinterest.

Although making money with Pinterest is extremely possible, if you’re new to this blogging and Pinterest thing, then you may have to hold on to it for a while.

I’m saying this because a lot of bloggers will tell you how easy it is and how much of an instant success you’ll be if you get started with making money on Pinterest.

But the truth is, it may take a while to even get one sale.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get started with making money on Pinterest! Not only will I show you how you can get started even with a small account with a few monthly viewers, but I’ll show you how you can get started without a blog!

Just a quick disclaimer

This isn’t a Pinterest tutorial. You should already have some basic knowledge about using Pinterest in general. But if you don’t know a thing about Pinterest, this awesome e-course will help you get started with Pinterest in general.

Now on to the good stuff…

How it Works

In order to make money on Pinterest, you’re going to need to know a thing or two about Affiliate Marketing.

In case you don’t know affiliate marketing is, it is one of the best ways to make money online.

What basically happens is you choose a product to promote, and then you link to it (with a special link called an affiliate link) in an article, blog post, or file.

When someone buys that product, you earn money. That money is either a commission (%) or a fixed value (e.x $10).

In this case, you’re going to be putting affiliate links in your pins.

What! Affiliate Links in Pins?

Pinterest allows you to use affiliate links inside your pins so you should have no problem adding them.

What’s better about this method is that you don’t have to do any promotion of the product. All you have to do is link to the product in the pin, and when a person clicks on it, the person selling the product will do the promoting for you!

That way, you don’t need a blog to sell a product.

But Wilson… Would Anyone Actually Buy The Product?

It basically depends on three factors:

  • The product type
  • The pricing
  • And how valuable it is

If you pitch a great, relatively cheap product that is extremely relevant to the people who click on it, then there is a good chance that you’ll get sales.

How long does it take to make money?

There is no definite answer for this one because of a lot of factors. If you’re lucky and your pin goes viral, then I can guarantee you’ll make a sale.

But if you’re not so lucky, it could take less than a month or much more before you get a sale. But I got mine in a week or two with little effort. So if you sit and strategize, then you could really go far.

The Strategy

Now that you know the basics of affiliate marketing on Pinterest, here’s what you’ll need to do to get a sale as soon as possible.

#1 Choosing a Product to Promote

Not every product will work on Pinterest. Some do better than others, so you’re going to have to choose wisely.

I’ve heard that checklists, cheatsheets, and printables work the best. Ebooks and courses do awesome too so don’t lose hope!

But products on Amazon and other physical products do the worst, so unless you have a blog to thoroughly promote them, then I recommend you don’t promote them.

Also, don’t promote a course or ebook you haven’t personally read or been a part of. Not only are you promoting products blindly, but it can be really spammy if you give your pin an attractive headline that is contradictory to what the product talks about.

#2 Pin Design and SEO

On Pinterest, the design of your pins is everything! So make your first impression count.

You may have heard this tip elsewhere, but you’re going to need your pins to have BIG & BOLD text and be bright and vibrant!

They need to be super attractive and contain good, relevant images too!

I don’t want to dwell too much about Pinterest SEO, but what you basically do is that you use keywords and hashtags to make your pins more relevant.

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Here’s the pin design I used to get my first sale:

Made With Love in Photoshop!

Not only does it have big bold text, but it has a vibrant image. And… it also has a great description:

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#3 Pinning to Relevant Boards & Tailwind Tribes

This is where the money lies!

When you’re going to start pinning, make sure you pin to your most relevant board first. Then if you have Tailwind, use it to pin to the rest of your boards after intervals.

But here is the best part of this whole article (in my opinion). Once you’ve pinned it to your most relevant board, add it to at least 5 tailwind tribes.

If you don’t know what tailwind tribes are, they’re basically the group boards of 2019. There, you can share your pins with the members of the tribes and there’s a good chance that your content will be shared too!

This is great because it will boost the reach your pins have by a mile! And the more people that get to see your pins, the better!

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And That’s A Wrap!

I hope that after this post, you would have learned a thing or two about Pinterest affiliate marketing! Now spread your wings and fly!

I believe you don’t get anything good in life unless you ask for it, so be a darling and pin this!

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