So you’ve started blogging…

Kudos! It’s great that you’ve taken your first step toward this amazing online journey!

But after you’ve set up your blog and you’ve written a few posts you may be wondering… Now what?

If you’ve just started blogging, I’m sure that you can relate.

Well, the goal in mind is to start making money! Isn’t that what *most bloggers want?

So how can you do that? And if you haven’t started blogging, I’m going to tell you whether it’s still possible to make money blogging (even in 2019)!

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Can You Still Make Money Blogging in 2019?

Heck Yeah!

When I started blogging over 6 months ago, I was wondering the same thing.

Most of the bloggers online said that they started sometime around 2015 – 2017, and a few mentioned starting during 2018.

That really gave me doubts about blogging in general. But this year, I decided to finally take the leap and start an online business, and I do not regret it!

After about one month of trial and error, I finally made my first $100 from blogging alone, and I felt like I was on cloud 9.

I know that blogging will still be profitable far after 2019 because people will always need knowledge, and everyone wants to know how they can improve their lives for the better.

So unless something weird and impossible happens, making money blogging will still be possible long after 2019!

How I did It

There’s a certain relation between blogging and making money online.

First comes the blog, then the content, then the people and eventually the money!

how to make $100 blogging. Content + Traffic = Money!
Great Content + Traffic = $$$

It’s as simple as that!


During my first month blogging, I wrote exactly 15 awesome blog posts that were SEO ready.

Those blog posts either taught people something or solved a common problem.

Those two themes should be the foundation of most of your blog posts. If you are a blogger who is struggling with finding popular content ideas, then you just have to read this post. In that post, I’ll show you how I generate 100 content ideas in literally 5 seconds using this tool! It is literally a lifesaver!

Don’t write short 100 word articles, they aren’t that valuable and they don’t solve most of the problems that people have.

READ: How to Generate 100 Content Ideas in 5 Seconds


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For traffic, I doubled down on three things: SEO, Pinterest & Reddit.

I chose these traffic sources because not only are they extremely targeted, but they are also really reliable.

SEO takes a while to kick in, but I decided to go for it anyway for long term traffic.

But as for short term traffic, I went with Pinterest and Reddit because they are fairly easy to use.

If you would like to learn more about Pinterest, check out this ebook (It may literally solve all your Pinterest problems).

But if you would like to see how I got over 500 Pageviews per day with Reddit, then you can get my ebook below!


This is the fun part. Most beginner bloggers choose to use ads to monetise their site because they make making money from your blog effortless.

But here’s the problem with ads. Unless you have a lot of blog traffic, then you can kiss that sweet revenue goodbye.

And as a beginner blogger, the chances of you getting 30,000+ page views in your first month blogging are relatively low.

So how can you make money blogging with slow traffic as a beginner blogger?

The answer is with Affiliate Marketing

That’s literally how I made all of my money in my first month of blogging.

As a new blogger, there’s almost no way you’d be able to launch an e-course in your first month or get a lot of blog traffic for ads.

So the best way to make money online as a newbie is probably affiliate marketing.

It’s not that hard to use either. All you have to do is write a really good post that solves a problem and you recommend and link to a great product that you have tried yourself and that you are an affiliate of.

If you can get a little highly targeted traffic to that post, then you will most likely make a sale!

It’s as easy as that!

Not only is it a really reliable way to make money blogging, but it will help you earn a decent income until you can launch your own ebook or e-course.


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Now Spread Your Wings and Fly!

This post would have been written in vain if it didn’t inspire you to start blogging or improve the quality of your online business.

So I really hope that you took something away from this post. If this post helped you, or you have any questions about making money blogging, feel free to leave a comment below.

Oh! And I believe the best way to get something in life is to ask for it so please don’t forget to pin me!

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