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Let me cut the long story short… It is.

So if you want to leave now, that’s fine. But if you would like to stick around and learn a bit about Reddit, then why not?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Wilson, the owner of this blog, Velicour.

I’m not a new blogger, and I’m very well versed in strategies such as SEO and social media marketing.

But when I was a new blogger, there was a lot of crap that I didn’t know about.

You know… stuff like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and *gasp*, getting traffic to your blog.

So if you’re a new or experienced blogger who is struggling with blog traffic, then I have a treat for you!

I discovered Reddit when I was learning the ropes of blogging and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

I was running a tech blog, so Reddit was a perfect place for me to promote my site.

After dabbling with Reddit for a little while, I was able to get over 600 page views in a single day of implementation. And I achieved that feat during my second week of blogging.

Unfortunately, I ditched my blog because you know, I was dumb, and I had no idea what I was doing.

But yesterday, on the 31′ st of July, I decided to try a new Reddit strategy for literally just 12 hours and see how good of a traffic source it actually is.

An Intro to Reddit

If you don’t know what Reddit is, just know that it is basically a huge forum where you can share links, posts, and images on smaller forums called subreddits.

It’s basically structured like a tree…

The Reddit Site, Subreddits, and Posts, Images + Links

The big red is Reddit, the platform; those grey Reddit icons are subreddits and in those subreddits, you can place posts, images, and videos.

It’s that simple…

Subreddits are almost like Pinterest Group Boards where anybody can contribute. You don’t need to join a subreddit before you can post. As long as you’re a member of Reddit, you have the right to contribute wherever you want, whenever you want.

Cool Right?

Just like other forums, when you post an article, everybody who participates in the forum will see it.

Another cool feature of Reddit is the fact that you can see who is online on the subreddit at the moment, and how many people follow/joined the community.

*Blurred Subreddit Name

It’s actually pretty neat. But I’ve found out that the number of people online don’t really matter. There is a chance that all 11K members will see your post/link/image.

So now that you know what Reddit is and how it works, here’s the study

What You Need to Know About Reddit

Reddit won’t work for everybody and I mean it.

The fact is, some niches will work better than others. I like to think of it as the place where anything that can’t succeed on Pinterest should dwell.

Take an app development niche for example. My first blog was about app development. I tried promoting it on Pinterest, but of course, I couldn’t get any readers due to how tiny my niche was and the fact that barely anyone on Pinterest is an app developer.

So I resorted to Reddit, and I got over 500 visitors in a single day. I also got tons of backlinks and my DA was boosted to 12.

The thing that’s even more amazing is the fact that 90% of the visitors were drawn by a single post.

A Single Post…

That’s amazing!

The great thing about Reddit is that there is a subreddit for almost everything.

Do you blog about iPhones? There’s a subreddit for that!

With 1.8 potential viewers too!

So if your blog traffic isn’t moving up anywhere else, Reddit is the place to go.

But unfortunately, just like Pinterest, not all niches can work amazingly in Reddit.

Sadly, make money online and blogging niches don’t perform as well as almost everything else.

But that doesn’t mean that getting blog traffic on Reddit is hopeless. This is a case study after all.

The Goal

To get 100 pageviews in 12 hours from a single subreddit.

First up, why did I choose such a small goal for such a small time?

I chose that because of my niche. Like I said, blogging and making money online isn’t extremely popular on Reddit. It’s more of a casual place for Lifestyle, food, news and everything in between.

I could only find 1 good subreddit that was related to blogging and making money online, so my options were limited too.

Secondly, I wanted to see how much traffic I could get with minimal effort only from 1 subreddit.

I’m not a fan of working too hard for little results, so I thought I’d take a more laid back approach to this strategy.

*Just a side-note*

I launched this blog only 2 days ago, so my blog traffic is still slowly building up. This blog is more or less a beta blog where I test new strategies for blog growth.

My Results

I think the graph speaks for itself

First 3 Quarters

I more than accomplished this small goal, and in the last quarter of the 12 hours, I managed to gain an extra 30 pageviews.

All of this was from one single link

Imagine the results if I posted 10 links over an interval of 3 hours! Maybe I could have made it to 500 – 1000 page views like my old blog!

I tried the same strategy on a Blogger Blog, you know, a free blog where I wrote two articles about Avengers Endgame ( Don’t judge me 🙂 ) and iPhones, then I posted it to a Subreddit about Marvel and Apple.

Want to know what I got?

1,000 Page Views

I wanted to create a simple blog for the sake of this study, so I created a free one using Google’s blogger and then I wrote a few posts about entertainment and tech, then promoted it on Reddit and Voila! Instant success!

If you can get an ad network to work with you then that’s a good amount of revenue right there!

The Takeaways

Conversions and Sales

This is the juicy part. In my free mastering Reddit eBook, I mentioned that Reddit traffic doesn’t convert as well as most traffic sources…

Well, I retract my comment.

If you know how to properly place your high value lead magnets, you’ll end up getting one or two subscribers.

In total, my Reddit traffic had about an 8% conversion rate… not bad at all!

So from those 100+ visits, I got 9 email subscribers.

But here’s one thing that I know for a fact. Unless you are in a tech, news or lifestyle niche (or anything along that road), you may not make affiliate sales from Reddit.

This is because Redditors (people who use Reddit) are people who don’t have time to read a 5,000-word post. They want simple, straight to the point information (at least from what I’ve seen).

Bounce Rate and Session Duration

On list posts, both of these things were on the extremities (High Bounce Rate, Low Session Duration).

But on this tutorial post (which is the link I promoted), I got a session duration of about 1.6 minutes and a bounce rate of 70% which isn’t bad at all.

My Problems With Reddit

I know that Reddit as a traffic source may sound like a dream come true for some of you, but it actually has many issues and problems which can make it seem like a nightmare.

Post Lifespan

After you post a link on Reddit, the traffic coming from that link will expire after about a day.

If your post goes viral and gets to the top feed, it will last about a week or two.

So unless you have a ton of content (Like you would on a news site), Reddit may not be right for you (yet).

Poor Tracking

I still don’t understand why this happens, but when someone comes through Reddit, they usually aren’t classified under social traffic like they’re supposed too. They are classified as direct traffic.

95% of my traffic clearly came from Reddit, but only 9 visitors were labeled as “reddit/social” traffic.

So it is really hard to see which posts are performing better than others except through upvotes on Reddit.

So How Can You Get Started With Reddit Traffic

This is a case study, not a tutorial. If you would like to get a free Reddit tutorial that will show you the exact strategies that I use, you can head over here!

Do you want to learn more about Reddit, like how to automate the process and a lot of other strategies that I use that I didn’t disclose in the eBook like creating content that will convert on Reddit?

I’m planning on creating an eBook about Reddit in the future. Is it something that you would like to learn about? Do you think it will be a valid contribution to the blogging archives?

I’d like to know what you think about it? So feel free to share a comment below, and subscribe to my mailing list for updates.

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