You Don't Need to Wait Around for TraffiC

As a new blogger, the struggle for blog traffic is real!

You may spend sleepless nights, wondering how to get blog traffic as fast as possible while you’re waiting for other methods like SEO and Pinterest marketing to kick in.

And staring at flat-lining traffic isn’t encouraging either… It can be extremely frustrating, not knowing when you’re going to start getting consistent visitors.

But you wait…

After all, It’s not possible to jump from 0 to 200 page views in a single day…



  • Being able to control your traffic
  • Being able to get an insane amount of blog traffic from the first day you launch your blog.
  • Being able to build an audience without waiting for SEO and Pinterest Traffic to kick in.


When I say that this is one of the only eBooks that will literally give you instant results, I mean it!

Using the strategies mentioned in this eBook, I was able to go from 0 to 200 page views in one single day, and I broke the 500 page view mark in exactly 2 weeks!

Just imagine it! In my first month blogging, I got over 15,000 page views with extremely tiny effort!

Not only did my page views go up, but my sales and email subscribers literally skyrocketed!

And you can get all of this on a new blog without any experience whatsoever!

What You'll Learn

  • The Truth About Traffic Sources
  • What Reddit Is?
  • How to Succeed on Reddit
  • My Experiments with Reddit
  • The Kind of People on Reddit
  • Basic Reddit Concepts
  • How to Get Started With Reddit
  • Choosing the Perfect Subreddits
  • Reddit Traffic Techniques
  • My Reddit Strategy
  • How to Automate Your Posting
  • How to Monetise Your Newfound Traffic
  • Tracking your Traffic

New blog ~ 1 post ~ 12 Hours ~ 134 Pageviews

Above is a screenshot of my results after implementing the strategies in The Science of Reddit on “Velicour”, only 2 days after my launch (You can read my case study here). I went from 0 to 100+ page views in only a few hours in an extremely tiny niche (blogging about blogging). Are you ready to grow your traffic extremely fast too?

You Like Bonuses Right?


Get the science of reddit now to receive a list of 110+ subreddits organised by niche to help you get started.


Get the 30+ page min-eBook, that will help beginner bloggers earn as much money as possible using the little traffic you already have!


Get lifetime access to one awesome Reddit post scheduler, all for free!



I know how hard it can be for beginner bloggers to grow their blogs. And that’s even harder when there’s no one coming to see their awesome content. So I made up my mind to help them, and I put my words down on digital paper! Now you can learn one of the best ways to grow your blog traffic from the start!

Questions I Get Asked A Lot

Reddit is an extremely underrated traffic source which many people don’t know about yet. Not only is it just a traffic source, but it is an extremely targetted one, which means that people who come from the platform are interested in what you have to say!

A lot of the strategies mentioned in this eBook are directed at people who don’t know the first thing about Reddit. But even if you’re familiar with Reddit traffic, there’s a lot of stuff that people don’t talk about that I’ve discussed here

I have tested the strategies in this eBook in about 5 niches ranging from tech, entertainment, food and even blogging about blogging. All of them work spectacularly with Reddit, so don’t worry! Your niche can do an awesome job on Reddit!

After you purchase the guide, you’ll receive an email containing the digital download. You will also receive lifetime access to any updates!

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Due to the digital nature of this eBook, I cannot offer any refunds and all sales are final.

I highly doubt that you won’t love the eBook though… So if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to